Investment funds

Participants in our investment funds benefit from optimal portfolio and risk diversification, lower transaction costs and VAT exemption. Additionally, the Laaken funds offer more investment opportunities in bonds, to which access is often restricted with high minimum denominations. The funds invest directly in a selection of individual shares and bonds. This is an execution only service with a minimum investment requirement of €250,000 and monthly entry and exit.

Investment policy

Core to the philosophy of Laaken is setting up risk and cost efficient investment portfolios. We invest directly in a selection of individual shares and bonds with a long-term horizon. Laaken has a profound understanding and a good reason to invest in each of the constituents in your portfolio.

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Our investment funds

Defensive EUR Balanced EUR Offensive EUR Defensive USD
Portfolio characteristics
Investment horizon
Minimum 5 years
Entry and exit frequency
Minimum investment
€ 250,000
Expected gross return per year
Realised net return per year
Standard deviation (36 months)
Allocation per asset class
Neutral: 60%
Bandwidth: 20 - 75%
- Global shares
Neutral: 55%
Bandwidth: 20 - 75%
- Precious metals
Neutral: 5%
Bandwidth: 0 - 10%
Fixed income
Neutral: 40%
Bandwidth: 25 - 80%
- Bonds
Neutral: 35%
Bandwidth: 20 - 60%
- Cash
Neutral: 5%
Bandwidth: 0 - 50%
AFM Risicometer
The value of your investments may fluctuate. Past performance is no guarantee for future results. This fund's prospectus, Key Information Document (KID) and annual report are available on this website at the bottom of this page (documents in Dutch only).


You will receive detailed monthly reporting on the performance and valuation of your assets. If you would like to get in touch with your portfolio manager, we remain at your disposal to answer any of your questions. At all times, by phone, email or in person.

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Laaken charges a management fee of 1% per year. The funds are exempt from VAT. In addition, the custody bank charges service and transaction costs to the fund. Laaken pays all other costs such as depositary and accountancy costs.

Management fee
VAT - exempt
Custody bank costs
Potential external fund costs
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