About Laaken

Laaken Asset Management is an independent asset manager, owned by its partners and based in Amsterdam. Our firm was founded in 2005 by three partners with decades of experience in financial markets. Our clients include high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, associations and foundations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Building long-lasting relationships with clients is of great importance to partners and employees of Laaken. We value personal contact and pay specific attention to individual wishes in portfolio customisation. The client’s interests are paramount.

Laaken brings portfolio management back to the essence: capital preservation or growth and income generation from actively investing in a selection of individual shares and bonds with a long term focus. 

As an independent asset manager, we do not benefit from carrying out transactions or selecting financial instruments in your portfolio. Laaken has never accepted any form of return commission. Partly for this reason, we have never been exclusively affiliated with a custody bank, enabling Laaken to offer its clients choice from more than 10 custody banks in the Netherlands and abroad.

With the exception of investments in physical gold, Laaken does not invest in external investment funds. This enables us to avoid accumulation of costs in your portfolio and to allocate capital to the right geographical regions, sectors and to the right companies. Since we only invest in liquid financial securities from solid companies, we mitigate the risk of permanent portfolio damage as much as possible.

Laaken offers a completely transparent client proposition by excluding conflicts of interest and avoiding hidden costs.

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