Conservative asset management
for private individuals and foundations

Laaken Asset Management N.V.

Laaken represents conservative, transparent and high quality asset management. The goal of the company is to thoroughly manage the capital of private individuals, family offices, endowments and charities. Partners at Laaken possess many years of experience in the financial sector and have accomplished good investment returns, as visible in the charts below. Client capital is invested globally based on economic fundamentals with a strong emphasis on liquidity and daily tradability.

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“Money will not manage itself”

Walter Bagehot 1827 - 1877

Excellent trackrecord

Laaken attained above average returns for its clients. Partially due to successfully avoiding excessive losses in the portfolios and a strong emphasis on liquidity.


A truly independent asset manager with a worldwide network via partners and employees in Amsterdam, the United States and Singapore.

Active asset allocation

When deemed necessary, more liquidity and fixed income is retained. In more favourable times a larger part of the portfolio is invested in real assets.

No accumulation of costs

Laaken has minimal investments in products and funds. By investing in self-selected, solid stocks and bonds, risk and cost efficient portfolios are constructed and constantly monitored.

Our services

Individual mandate

The core activity of Laaken Asset Management is managing individual portfolios. The asset management mandate is executed in the client's account at a renowned Dutch and foreign custody bank of choice. This service is offered to clients with investable capital starting from EUR 1.000.000. In an individual mandate client portfolios are invested in line with a model portfolio or can be tailor-made.

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Investment funds

Clients can also choose to participate in one of the Laaken investments funds. By offering participation in funds Laaken can attain more diversified investments for its clients. Furthermore, the funds have a V.A.T. cost advantage. For clients with investable capital starting from EUR 250.000 this can be a cost efficient solution to follow one of the model portfolios.

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Investment Strategy

Important ways to retain the value of capital are: emphasising the importance of liquid and conservatively constructed investment portfolios, keeping cost low and be vigilant for irreparable losses in the portfolio of clients. The investment philosophy of Laaken is that risk and cost efficient portfolios can be realised by investing in individual stocks, bonds and alternative investments with a long term view.

With this view the company aims to add value in all asset classes. In equity, worldwide and solid investments are selected of companies that have a strong balance sheet (low debt), good growth expectations, reliable management and acceptable valuations. The bond allocation in the portfolio also consists of direct individual investments including government, corporate, variable rate and convertible bonds.

In the investment policy the importance of liquidity and daily tradability is emphasized. Portfolios can be set up or made liquid on a daily basis. Selecting direct investments in stocks and bonds avoids unnecessary accumulation of cost.

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Jolmer Gerritse

Jolmer started working in the financial services industry in The Netherlands in 1971. He co-founded SNS Securities in 1981, and Laaken Asset Management in 2005. He has been responsible for the financial well-being of institutional clients, private clients, and foundations. Together with Sem he forms the daily management of Laaken. Within the investment committee Jolmer emphasises individual stocks and bonds.

Sem Ongering, CFA

Before graduating from his dual master's degree in business economics at the University of Amsterdam and Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Sem was already working at Laaken Asset Management and after an internship at Rabobank Private Equity he started full-time in 2011. Sem is a CFA charter holder and entered the board of Laaken in 2014.

Rijnhard van Tets

Served as member and as adviser of the managing board of ABN AMRO Bank up to 2007. Rijnhard is non executive chairman of Petrofac Ltd., BNP Paribas OBAM, Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext N.V. He serves as chairman of the Laaken investment committee where he makes valuable contribution to the macro economic view, supperted by economic analyses.

Raoul Witteveen

Graduated from Erasmus University in general and business economics. His working experience includes Thyssen-Bornemisza Group in London, management buy outs such as Bols in Amsterdam and Interpool in New York, and successful start-ups: Trac Lease, Blueline, Ocean Point Development. Raoul divides his time between Singapore, New York and Amsterdam and shares his views on the world economy for the investment process.

Investment outlook


Where 2016 was characterizes by extreme results with a wave of populism, 2017 has been relatively gradual and several political events have turned out positive for financial markets. 2018 promises to become an interesting year politically. Several large (geo) political developments that are difficult to predict are ahead. The actual exit out of the Eurozone by Great Britain, the continuing threat from North Korea and the Italian elections in March 2018 are some examples. In addition, there are also possible unexpected political developments. For example, there was no particular concern about the unity of Spain around this time a year ago. It gives some degree of comfort that financial markets have processed many such developments in 2016 and 2017 well.



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